Men’s Necklaces for Christmas Gifts Guide – Know the Top 10 Xmas Jewelry Presents For Boys Now

Women have not been the only ones who were fond of necklaces. It is a fact that even the themselves adorned themselves with necklaces to show them wealth and prowess. While this view is no longer the norm in these modern times, some men still do choose to wear them for fashion reasons. During this holiday season, Emsculpt NYC show your man just how much of a style and gift wizard you are. Surprise him with a great fashion gift. Check out our list of the Top 10 Necklaces and make this your guide in finding men’s jewelry gifts for Christmas 2008.

1. Rosycroix Gothic Immortality Rose Pendant Necklace – Give him a taste of the mythical and fantasy world brought by this addition from Silver Insanity. The Rose of Immortality is said to be one of the Gothic Galraedia Pendants that would supposedly give whoever wears it eternal youthfulness and immortality.

2. Celtic Tree of Life Necklace – The symbol of the Tree of Life is a significant image in almost every culture as it illustrates the oneness of the earth, the heavens, and even the underworld. Surprise him with this enchanting piece. This piece includes an 18″ box chain.

3. Howling Wolf Totem Necklace – The pendant features the profile on a howling wolf against a 3D backdrop of a crescent moon and the stars. The item also includes a 20″ figaro chain made from sterling silver. administratiekantoor-start

4. Phoenix Silver Medallion – The fire phoenix is symbolic of the rise and fall in life. It is said that as a phoenix dies, it self-ignites only to later rise from its ashes into a new and young phoenix. This piece is made from sterling silver and azurite for the phoenix’s wing detail.

5. Sacred Dragon Star of Solomon Necklace – This piece is said to be an amulet powerful enough to protect its wearer from any danger. The design is inspired by the Star of Solomon, i-base which bears an inscription of the Tetragramaton name “JAHWEH,” the Hebrew name of God. The Dragon Guardians prominently included in the design symbolizes guidance and power.

6. OM Hindu Necklace – Awaken his spiritual side with this Om pendant. The Om is reportedly the symbol of Brahman, hindpanchang who is said to be the source of all existence. The piece is made entirely of sterling silver and comes with an oxidized 18 inch chain.

7. Black Accented Stainless Steel Necklace with Leather Cord – This piece is fitting for the rugged but stylish individual. The stainless steel finish is complemented with an abstract design in black. It comes with a twenty inch leather cord.

8. Black Marble Drop Pendant – This eye-catcher of Solid Stainless Steel Pendant gives off a sleek look. The design is that of a teardrop with a black marble encased in the middle. This piece is made from quality 316L Stainless Steel, grammiemagazine which is rust-resistant. Your man will be assured of the durability of this. Peora’s latest addition is sure to be a trend-setter and will put your man on the esteemed fashion radar. And yes, plus points for the hypoallergenic and bio-compatible pendant.

9. Men’s Titanium Dog Tag – This handsome piece invokes power and style. It is made from titanium with a brushed finish and some diamond accents for added glitz. This piece comes with a 22-inch stainless steel bead chain.

10. Hippie Suede Necklace – How about something for the Bohemian dude? This Hippie style 20-inch necklace would be perfect. A large synthetic amber stone drop is the focal point of this piece. It is extended from a dark brown suede cord. lifestyleforboys


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