The Top 10 Directory Submission Sites

Directory submission sites provide a very important link in the process of garnering maximum inflow of focused traffic to a website so that there is greater possibility of getting customers for the products or services of the website. Directory submission ensures that a greater amount of incoming back links are obtained. Since the ranking of a website in a search engine is determined by the quality of the incoming links, it is essential to get quality links so that a better ranking can be obtained. Submitting the website to top-ranking directories and getting a higher ranking will ensure that a larger quantity of good quality links will be available to the website.

How Directory Submission Helps

In order to increase the total volume of quality back links, quartzbanger it is necessary to submit the website with its keyword list to many directory submission sites and search engines. This will help in placing the website in the top listing categories of the major search engines such as Google. Directory submission is submitting a website to different directories such as Yahoo and Google. The submission can be done either manually or mechanically with the help of software, though most search engines prefer the manual process. It is more convenient for the website because it is possible to select from a large number of directory service providers. Web directories have linkages to different sites. The linkages are categorized into different groups and sub-groups, and the sites submitted to them are listed in the appropriate group. The contents of the submitted website are analyzed by the web directory and the listing is done on the basis of the quality of the contents. The top directories give one-way reverse linkages to the sites. The sites can be included only in a few categories. People who browse for a product prefer to search the top submission sites, Directorylisting which is why it is important to find out the top 10 directory submission sites and submit the website to them.

The top 10 directory submission sites are:

1) Google Directory: markd Powered by ODP and the links are arranged in hierarchical sub-categories. The links and their categories are sorted by using PageRank and they are from Open Directory Project.

2) Yahoo! Directory: Provides a directory service, as well as a search engine. It can be searched separately from the rest of search engine results. Its size is comparable to the Open Directory Project, and it was Yahoo!’s first project. The cost of paid submission is $299 USD and it has to be renewed every year.

3) Jayde: One of the oldest business directories and also the largest B2B Search Engine on the Internet. It provides a lightning-fast search and is a human-reviewed directory. It was founded in 1996.

4) ODP – Open Directory Project: Formerly known as dMOZ, this human-edited web directory is the largest, most comprehensive, and offers free submission. However, the waiting period for acceptance or refusal is long. It is a prestigious directory because once a website is accepted for inclusion; it will automatically be picked up by other important directories and search engines such as AOL, Google, Lycos, Excite, etc.

5) JoeAnt: Provides links to only high-quality sites. The websites submitted to the directory are reviewed quickly without any fear that the reviewer might be a competitor because the sites submitted by volunteer editors are registered automatically and without any review. This directory was launched in 2001.

6) Best of the Web: A prestigious directory where most people want their website or blog to appear. It is necessary to submit the website in the relevant category and to ensure that the site is not under construction. The yearly fee is $99.95, but a one-time fee of $249.95 can also be applicable. This directory is highly recommended because most of the pages get high ranking of 4 or 5, which will improve search engine ranking.

7) Gimpsy: Offers a unique way of categorizing the sites. Instead of categorizing by subject, the sites are listed according to the services offered by them.

8) GoGuides: A human-edited directory that can be searched and is categorized by topics and locations. It also has image-search and updated news features. The contents of this site are recognized by most major websites such as It is also considered one of the major online directories. Buy Weed Online Australia

9) Skaffe: An international directory in which top-class sites with quality content and value can find a good listing. This directory is set to become the best directory on the Internet.

10) Web Savvy Directory: This human-edited directory edits and reviews all submissions before including them. Only those websites that follow either the ICRA or SafeSurf standards are accepted by this PICS labeled directory. Its indexing is of high quality, and it is family friendly. It also provides child-safe resources.  For more info please visit


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